Working in the car thanks to my new MiFi!

I just got a really cool new toy. For my clients, their iPhone or Droid is their lifeblood. For me, it’s my MacBook.Whenever I travel, I’m always looking for a wireless hot spot, which can be a pain. Not to mention costly.

Not any longer- thanks to my new MiFi “Intelligent Mobile Hotspot” by Verizon.  Now, I can get internet anywhere. I’ve had the wireless USB modems, but this is extra cool. It can connect up to five mobile devices and is approximately the size of a credit card.

I’m writing this in the car (in the passenger seat of course)! While sitting in traffic, I was able to finish up a project for a client. How cool is that???

Last week as I was traveling, I didn’t lose any work time during the four-hour drive. Emailed, worked… very nice!

Gotta go- just reached my destination! :)

Have a great weekend.

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