WordPress Website SEO: 7 MORE easy SEO tips you can do yourself

This is part 2 of WordPress Website SEO tips.

Here are 7 more SEO tips to optimize your WordPress website for the search engines.

These are all things you can do yourself, and get in the habit of doing every time you publish a post.

1. Make sure your keyword is in the URL of the page. Look at the url of this post in your browser bar. You’ll see my keyword for this post, which is “wordpress website seo”. Remember, a keyword can be a phrase.

2. Your keyword should appear in the first paragraph of your blog post or page.

3. I mentioned your keyword should be in the title of your post, but it should be at the beginning of the title.

4. Your post should be a minimum of 300 words.

5. Your meta description should be less than 140 characters as that it is all the space you’re given in the google search results. You can write your description in the WordPress SEO by Yoast settings. Don’t leave it at the default. It should be descriptive and entice someone to click on it when they see it pull up in the search results.

6. Your meta description should also contain your keyword. You can do this in the plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast setttings as well.

7. Add an outbound link or two. Link to your other website, interesting article, your source, etc.

Here is what this post would look like in Google search:

wordpress website seo

As I was writing this post, I did a few things to optimize it for SEO. However, my plugin analyzed it and it looks like I need to do a little bit more. My copy is not long enough, and I need to add some images. Those are the red flags priorities. Next, my keyword density is too low, my url link is too long, no outbound links and no heading tags.

Looks like I need to take some time to improve this post’s SEO.

Here is Analysis #1:

wordpress website SEO

So, I did a few things. I added some content to my blog post. Added a sentence here or there. I uploaded these images and used the alt tag.

Here was the updated analysis after I updated the page. My red flags are gone. Better, but still some work to do. My post is still not long enough, but I bet after typing this sentence it will be. Next, I’ll shorten my slug, which WordPress allow you to do if you click the Edit button next to your Permalink.


wordpress website seo


Ok, I added a few sentences above. I edited my slug/url. Let’s see what happens.

wordpress website seo


Looking good! I’m almost there! I just need two add an outbound link or two and create some sub-headings.

Here’s where to download the plugin by Yoast, which is what I’m using here, and is a great tool.

Here’s how I optimized my WordPress website SEO:

Looks good!!! It took a little work, but this post is fully optimized now! Would you like us to help you with your wordpress website seo? Click here. :)

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