Is your WordPress Website safe from hackers? Are you sure?

Two clients recently have had their WordPress websites “hacked”. One of the hacks was a virus that resulted in Viagra and other pharmaceutical tags layered all over the website. This is called the “pharma-hack”.

Another hack or virus, resulted in the whole site being shut down. The site just showed as a blank screen.

There are very simple preventive measures you can take from this happening to your WordPress site:

  • Do not use “admin” for your username
  • Use a different password for your site than you use for other systems
  • Use strong passwords with lower, upper and symbol

You can also:

  • move your admin director to another directory. Hackers know most website admin panels are at
  • install security plugins

There are other more in-depth things we can implement to ensure your site is secure, for only $100 per website. Trust me, that is worth the price. If you don’t take any measures and your website gets hacked, not only will it cost you much more money to fix, but you could lose critical website files. Think of the business you could be losing while you’re site is down and being recovered. :(

I know it’s not fun to think about, but this is one of those things to take care of and will give you peace of mind.

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