3 Free WordPress plugins to make your site mobile-friendly

We are in a mobile, fast-paced world. There are more mobile phones than there are televisions and computers combined. We multi-task and browse the internet, check our email, post to social media, shop; all while watching tv, waiting in line, and even in restaurants or ball games.

If you have a website, then your website needs to adjust accordingly. In this inpatient world of ours, no one is willing to wait for your website to load on their mobile phone. If they have to wait more than a few seconds, chances are that they will move on to the next better & faster site.

And yes, if you haven’t yet made your website mobile-friendly, it will take too long to load, the images are too big, and the navigation will be clumsy.

I know it’s a pain to have one more thing to think about. But seriously, this should not be ignored. According to Morgan Stanley, the number of mobile internet users will EXCEED the number of desktop computer users by 2015. That means more people will be viewing your site on their mobile phone than on their computer.

Right now, half of all internet searches are conducted on a mobile device.

The facts are in front of us. Mobile-friendly websites are not a luxury anymore, they are a must for any online business that doesn’t want to get left behind.

If you have a WordPress site, there are several free plugins that you can install on your site. You should know up front that they won’t make your mobile website pretty, not out of the box- but it will be much more functional for mobile users. If you want something “prettier” than you will need to have it customized or purchase a premium plugin.

There are several plugin options, but these seem to be the highest rated. They all have 4 stars.


Downloaded: 2,005,873 times

Last Updated: 43 days ago

WordPress Mobile Pack

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Last Updated: 182 days ago


Downloaded: 105,525 times

Last Updated: 327 days ago

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