Is your website mobile-friendly?

Have you viewed your website on your phone lately? How does it look? If you think it doesn’t matter, or you’re not concerned, consider these statistics:

  • Morgan Stanley predicts that by the year 2015, mobile internet usage will outnumber desktop internet usage.
  • There are 4 billion mobile phones in use. More than tvs and computers combined.
  • One half of all searches are performed on mobile devices.
  • 86% of mobile internet users are using their device while watching tv.

Everyone uses their mobile device now to browse websites and/or to shop, and having a mobile-friendly website is a must for every business. Most websites don’t work well on a mobile device. They are too slow to load and difficult to navigate. I tried this on my website and it took forever to load. Additionally, it required quite a bit of navigating, and it was difficult to reach the sub-menus.

In the image to the right, the left side is a bare-bones, but mobile-enhanced version. You can see the menus are clear and easily accessible. On the right is the non-mobile version. All you can see is the logo and no menus, which means a lot of scrolling will be required to navigate the site.

In a mobile friendly site, besides adapting to the smaller screen of a mobile phone, they are easier to navigate using touch or a keypad and provide more direct access to the information that a customer is more likely to need while on the go.

Will this replace your desktop site? No.

While your existing web site is aimed at giving a full and comprehensive picture of your business, a mobile site allows you to deliver immediate access to what matters most when on the go.The two sites are complimentary and work together to make sure your customers are getting the most appropriate experience.

Your customers are already looking for you on their mobile phones. This is a huge opportunity for your business you don’t want to miss!!!

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