Is your website loading slowly? CloudFlare can speed it up

A problem many WordPress websites have is they are so overloaded with plugins and images thatt the website loads slowly. Or, particular pages load slowly.

This is a problem in this impatient world of ours, because your website visitor- whom could be a potential client- might click away if they don’t feel like waiting. This happens more often than you might think.

There are several things that can be done to optimize your website’s speed and performance. A simple thing you can do is to deactivate and delete any plugins you are not using. You can resize or compress image files before you load them.

Some website host control panels have a feature, “optimize website”, that when activated will run through your site and perform tasks to speed it up.

There are a lot of things we can do to speed up your site, for only $75 per website. This includes analyzing, compressing images, installing/formatting caching plugins and other behind the scenes tech tasks that will optimize your site’s performance. (Think about how much that fleeing visitor might be costing you!)

There is another really cool tool called CloudFlare that we recommend to enhance your website’s speed. They have a free plan and when activated, it distributes your images and objects to the “cloud”; to faster, widespread servers. This takes the load off your server as it will consume less bandwidth and resources. The result is a faster website and…  happier website visitors! 

We can set this up for you as well! Click here for pricing.

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