Product Launch

Teleclass, Service or Product Launch

Are you launching a teleclass, book, product or new service? If so, you need help! I’ll help you through it, and walk you through all of the steps involved in a successful launch. This package includes everything but the kitchen sink.

This package is your best value. Launches ALWAYS take more time than originally planned. With this package, you don’t have to worry about breaking your budget- because it’s all included!

Here’s what this package includes:

Launch Project Plan: Let’s discuss, plan and strategize for your successful launch implementation. I’ll create a Project Action plan that lists all of the “to-dos”. That will allow us to keep track of what has been done and what needs to be done.
  Landing page/Call RSVP page: Most launches include a free preview call of some sort. We’ll set up your call rsvp page with optin box to capture names. After the call takes place, we’ll upload the recording.
  Sales Page: Turn your sales page copy into a beautiful, functional & effective sales page, with images, videos and shopping cart buttons. Revisions included.
  Thank You pages : Once your leads sign up for your preview call, they will land on a thank you page with the call- info. Once clients purchase your product, they will land on a product thank you page.
  Pre-launch Email Promotions: This is a biggie. We’ll set up your email blasts leading up to your product launch date. This includes the autoresponder when people first optin for the free call, multiple reminders leading up to the call, emails after the call with the recording, and follow up emails with early bird specials, last chance, etc. You provide copy or I write for you.
  Affiliate Program: Set up affiliate program so your affiliates can easily promote your product for you.
Shopping Cart: Set up 1shopping cart. Includes cart customization, setting up your lists, products and messages. This includes product links, thank you messages.
Merchant Account/Gateway: You need a way to collect payments. I’ll integrate Paypal or your merchant account and gateway with 1shoppingcart.
  Preview Call: Set up free calls wth your teleconference provider (Maestro, InstantTeleseminar, etc).
Set up calendaring software: If you’re offering Discovery or Coaching sessions, I’ll help you automate the scheduling by setting up your appointment scheduling software (TimeTrade, TimeDrive, etc)
Upload digital files : This could include a free report or audio.

These items are what most clients request, but I would be happy to customize this package to meet your particular needs.



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