Social Media Manager

Social Media is essential for every business today. The problem is the overwhelm it can create to keep up with it all. Truthfully, you should not be wasting precious hours on Facebook and it really does take time to do it right.

Are you spending hours on social media, but you have a feeling it’s not actually paying off?

Let us manage your Social Media for you. Here’s why:

  • Will free up your time
  • Once the clutter is cleaned up, you’ll be able to focus on the important or enjoyable aspects of social media, on your time
  • Allocate your newly acquired free time to other crucial elements of your business
  • Improve your social media relationships by being more responsive
  • You don’t have to worry about keeping up with the best practices, we’ll do it for you
  • You won’t miss out on important messages because they were lost in the clutter
  • Your efforts will be more strategic
  • You will be using Best Practices rather than guesswork

Having a Social Media Manager can be extremely costly. I’ve done the comparisons, and the range is anywhere from $500 to $3500 per month, the most common fee is about $1500 per month.

I’ve created a Basic package to make it accessible and affordable to you. It includes the basic tasks that are required in Facebook and Twitter only, targeting the tasks that create the most overwhelm.

Release the overwhelm and let us manage your Facebook & Twitter accounts for you.

In our basic package, we will:

  • Monitor¬† & Accept Friend Requests Daily
  • Clean up your Notifications, Invites and Events
  • Filter through and notify you of important messages
  • Delete Spam
  • Basic profile management
  • Post your updates at the time you designate (you write the content)
  • Follow back
  • Provide you with monthly stats

We can also customize a package for you to include increasing your Fan base (finding Friends or Fans), creating content for your posts and monitoring your Brand.

Facebook and Twitter Manager:

Only $299 per month.

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You know your business needs to be on Facebook, right? Not just on Facebook, but ACTIVE on it.The problem is finding the timeto do it. Not only that, but once you login, you lose valuable time getting side-tracked with the Facebook flurry of activity.We’ve got Social Media Assistants that will post for you, very affordably.Develop a weekly or monthly schedule of posts (which is a best practice), send it to us and we’ll post it for you based on your schedule. We will manually login and post, just as you would; it will not be from Hootsuite or any Social Media manager platform. We’ll post multiple times a day, up to 5 days per week.That ensures you are remaining active, but still being authentic as you are writing the posts yourself. Then, engage on Facebook when you want according to your time schedule. It’s supposed to be fun; not a chore!

This plan is only $109 per month. For the price of a latte a day, you can let go of the Facebook stress and know it’s taken care of. :)

Only $109 per month!

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