5 Ways to Use Video Streaming to Up-Level Your Business

It’s amazing how much technology is available to help your business expand! It’s easy for you to look high-tech and professional on a low- budget. There might be a learning curve to get started, but once you get it figured out- the payoff will be big.

Video streaming is the next logical step after recording regular videos that you upload to Youtube or Vimeo. With video streaming, you broadcast live. Think of SNL or “The Truman Show”. For some reason, we are fascinated with live and love being part of the action. So, take advantage of this and start using live video streaming to up-level your business.

What you need: a web cam or video camera, internet connection, video streaming service such as ustream or livestream.

Here are 5 ways you can use live video streaming in your business:

  1. Free preview calls:

    Use live video streaming instead of a conference call bridge line. It’s more powerful for people to be able to SEE you. They instantly feel like they know you and quickly builds your credibility and trust. Very powerful if you are using free preview calls to introduce a high-end course that you are offering. People are much more comfortable buying from who they know- and like and video streaming is a quick way to accomplish this.

  2. Teleseminars and Courses:

    If you are hosting a telecourse, for example a 6-week course on “How to Get Your Teen into an Ivy Leave School” , use streaming video instead of a conference line, such as freeconference. It steps up the power of communication when your clients can see  and hear you. Plus, you can chat, you can send updates to social media during your call and it’s more orderly as there is protocol built in to the system. For example, instead of people talking over each other, they can “raise their hand” or type in a question. And, it gets rid of the background noise such as coughing, barking, etc. that so often happens during conference calls.

  3. Live Events:

    If you’re holding a live event or workshop, you can stream it live. This can be offered for free, for a fee, or as a bonus for participants to receive after the event.

  4. Live Q&A:

    A great way to build credibility and community. Offer a live Q & A for your clients where you’re on the “hot spot”.

  5. Host a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly show:

    You can offer this for free or clients can pay to subscribe to your show. Stream your show live on your topic of expertise.

Here are popular video streaming services that offers a free account option:




Please feel free to share how you’ve used video streaming for your business.


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