Very cool scheduling software- check out Tungle Me

Cool tool for anyone in business.

Planning meetings and phone consultations can be a hassle, with several emails going back and forth trying to arrange a time.

Problem soved with

Create an account.

Set up your availability.

Sync with your calendar.

Share your scheduling url with anyone you need to schedule an app’t with (they can’t see anything on your calendar except times you’re available).

They view your availability, suggest a time or three, you select which one works for you, click “Schedule” and voila- the meeting is scheduled! No muss, no fuss.

Great for free consultations and coaches. It’s first come- first served as far as choice of times.

I have a policy where I only take calls by appointment, so this is an awesome resource for me.

Here’s how I use it:

Click to schedule a consultation.


p.s. It’s free.

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