Bored with your website’s look? So change it already!

Maybe your website was built a few years ago and your tired of the design. Or, maybe your business has gone in a new direction and you’d like your site to reflect that with new branding. Or, maybe you just feel like a change… kind of like a new coat of paint in a room.

These days, it’s so easy to freshen up your site and give it a new look. Particularly if your site is built with WordPress, thanks to the huuuggggeeeeee theme selection. A theme is basically a design template for your site. If you select the right theme, different color options are built into your site’s theme. Blue today.. green tomorrow! Now, I wouldn’t recommend changing it that frequently as your site should be consistent with your brand. But, it’s sure nice to have options.

There’s a huge selection of free themes here.

There’s also a very nice selection of premium themes (meaning you have to pay for them ;). Why would you pay for them when you can get them for free? For me, it’s because of the built in options that make it super easy to customize your site. You can change the header, color, font, and a ton of other options much easier with a Premium theme. Check some out here.

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