How do you know when it’s time for a website redesign?

With your home, every so often you need to re-model or redecorate. For one reason or another, you’ve outgrown your surroundings and it no longer makes you happy or reflects who you are at this point in time.

The same holds true with your website.

With the speed of technology, however, this happens at a much more rapid rate. You may be ok with that mustard yellow paint color or sofa for 5 more years, but your website will become completely irrelevant in that time.

To be honest, I’ve looked at a lot of websites lately. Truthfully, about 70% of them are in need of a redesign or completely new website. I know I’m in the website business, so that sounds self-serving. However, when I look at someone’s website that is very dated, I know that website is no longer serving them adequately or helping their business.

Truly, if anything, it is hurting their business. When a prospective client visits that website for more info, chances are they will be turned off and distrustful of an out of date website, at worst.  That’s simply the way it is. 

I know the people behind the websites I’ve been looking at are really great people! They work so hard and are so passionate about their business! They have good to offer the world. I just want them to have a website that accurately reflects all of those qualities!

Remember that adage about not having a second chance to make a first impression? That is exponentially true in the land of websites.

Here are some clues that it might be time for a website makeover, or even a brand new website. My #1 top reason, no negotiation reason is if it’s not in WordPress. That is, if you’re an entrepreneur and want to be able to make changes yourself. Besides that, here are some other clues that it might be time for a website redesign….

  • high bounce rate, abandoned carts or few return visitors (find out from your analytics program)
  • you can’t edit it yourself
  • it’s difficult to edit yourself
  • it’s been over 2-3 years
  • your branding has changed
  • your target client has changed
  • your product offering or business focus has changed
  • you’re not in love with it anymore
  • you need more functionality now (store, etc)
  • there’s a lot of clutter on your site & no breathing room (this often takes an objective observer to see this)
  • it’s not focused on one area of expertise
  • you’ve upleveled professionally, but your website has stayed the same
  • it looks funky (not in a good way) on mobile devices
  • the home page has flash
  • there is information overload and you need to simplify
  • it looks like it was created on the computer shown on this page :)

 If you can say yes to a handful of the above statements, you might seriously consider a website redesign. I know it’s hard to invest when you already have something that’s functional. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it type of thing. But, the problem is, it IS broke. And with all of the online shoppers, smartphones, etc. your website is more importance than ever. This is not an area you should let slide; it represents YOU to the world after all.

You wouldn’t want someone to pull up to your home, only to see overgrown grass and weeds growing wild in the lawn. Or a messy, cluttered house. Same with your website- curb appeal, baby!!! That’s why retail stores have such beautiful window scenes!

Your website should not only have the window/curb appeal, it should continue to delight & entice visitors when they walk in the door- and make it an easy, painless experience from a-z.


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