Is it time to clean up your “list”?

Many businesses pride themselves on the size of their “list”, ie the number of subscribers who have signed up for a newsletter, a free call, or something else on your website.

However, you should clean up your list every so often. Why? Email programs charge by the number of subscribers, so why pay for subscribers that are no longer interested in your info?

For this, you have to put your ego aside.

It would be nice if everyone was dying to read our newsletters and waited on baited breath for it to arrive in their Inbox. Sadly, this is just not the case.  You know how it is.

You’re subscribed to enough lists that your own Inbox is flooded with news, advice, deals, etc. You can only read so much per day, so you carefully select which emails you will read, which you will skim, and which will get ruthlessly deleted without a second glance. That’s what I do.

It’s really nothing personal. People’s interests change. Someone may have opted in to your list when they were really interested in what you had to offer, but perhaps their interest or their business has changed.

So, what to do? Login to your email marketing program, do a subscriber search for people who have not opened your email in 6 months. Bam! Those are easily the ones you can remove now and not worry about it. That’s a start. You can target even further, if you wish, by eliminating those who haven’t opened in 3 months.

If they’re not reading your emails. they don’t need to take up space on your list any more. Make room for new subscribers who ARE eager to read what you have to say. You reduce your chance of “complaints” and pay only for those who should be on your list.

What do you think? Is this something you do? Would love your feedback below.

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