Three Words NOT to put in your Subject Line

I’ve been doing a lot of email marketing lately in MailChimp and was browsing some of their articles. The topic of subject lines caught my interest and I was a little surprised, and you might be as well, by the three words/phrases NOT to use and which lead to lower open rates.

According to Mailchimp’s research, here are three words not to use  in your subject line.

  1. Help
  2. Percent off
  3. Reminder

I’ve seen all of them used quite frequently by my clients, especially the “Reminder”. Now we know!

Another note of interest  is that the subject line should generally be 50 characters or less. We’ve all seen those wordy subject lines that don’t even fit in your window. Unless your email is  REALLY niche-specific, a long subject line can  lead to lower open rates as well.

Words of wisdom directly from Mailchimp:

“When it comes to subject lines, don’t sell what’s inside. Tell what’s inside.”

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