Thought of a Membership Site?

Have you considered launching a Membership Site?

First of all, what is it?  An additional component to your existing site, or a new site, that allows users to register to access interesting,  exclusive or difficult-to-find elsewhere content on your website. This could be free or paid for access, but I recommend having at least one paid level, at a minimum. This creates recurring, passive income for your business.

You create content and protect it so that only your members can view. It’s best to set the content up as a “sneak peak” type o thing so non-members read a snippet and then are prompted to become a member to read more. You could hold special teleclasses just for members that you or special guests can host. You can post exclusive audio, newsletters, videos…. anything that your audience is interested in. Or, it can be a forum, bringing people together with like interests.

So, how do you set one up? There are many products out there. If you have WordPress, you can download membership site plugins for a free. Remember this is the interface your members will see, so you want it to be super easy to use and navigate, as well as aesthetically pleasing. On the back end, you want it to be easy for you or your staff to use, and you want to make sure it integrates with your existing WordPress database, and other programs you use such as your shopping cart and email marketing provider.

My favorite WordPress Plugin is Wishlist Member. It does the above, but I love that it has excellent training and support, which my clients appreciate. Click here to check Wishlist out.

We can set this up for you if you’d like. Click here to read more about our service.

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