How Technology helped raised over $200,000 to fight cancer. In less than an hour.

This summer, I witnessed something extraordinary. I saw over $200,000 raised in about half an hour.

Fastest fundraising I’ve ever seen.

This was at the Harold Pump Foundation Celebrity Dinner.

The Harold Pump Foundation raises money for the awareness and treatment of cancer and has given 4.2 million dollars to the Northridge Hospital alone.

Each year, the Foundation honors someone special. This year was insane.

The honorees were: Hank Aaron, Denzel Washington, Joseph Brandmeyer and Muhammad Ali.

If those names don’t pull a crowd, I don’t know who will.

There’s been a ton of publicity about the dinner because so many celebrities and sport stars showed up to support a great cause. But, what ended up fascinating me was the technology…

Here’s what happened:  When we first arrived, we were given in our ticket packet what looked like a hotel key. We had no idea what it was for. Then, during dinner, a handheld device was passed out to each table. We had no idea what that was for either. We had a lovely dinner, watched the amazing presentation of honorees, participated in an auction, and watched a touching film about the impact the Foundation has made on people’s lives.

Then we were asked for cash donations. And here’s where it got techie cool.

To donate, all you had to do was slide your card through the handheld device. Then you typed in the dollar amount that you wanted to donate. Instantly, your name and donation amount appeared on the screen.

We all watched the screen as donation after donation after donation rolled across the screen. Any amount from $10 to $100,000. Also, on the screen was the set goal of $200,000 and we were able to see the progress as we got closer and closer to reaching the goal.

We all wanted to participate.

It was exciting.

It was instant.

It was peer pressure.

We had a shared goal.

We all wanted to reach it.

And we did.

It was pure genius, and truly the best use of technology I have ever seen.

Kudos to the Foundation and Dana and David Pump for being so innovative.

To read more about the 2010 Harold Pump Foundation Celebrity Dinner, click here.

To donate to the Harold Pump Foundation, click here.


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