Would you submit a Testimonial?

We are in the process (as you may have noticed) of giving our website a makeover, and doing other things to ramp up for 2012. There are many things I know I should be doing but have put them on the back burner. 

One of those is collecting testimonials. I get them all the time via email, but I need to collect “official” ones to put on the Testimonials page. 

If you’re a past or current client, I would so appreciate a testimonial!! I’ve streamlined the process, and you can submit your testimonials by clicking on the below link and filling out the form. It should take 5-10 minutes and short and sweet is perfectly fine.

Click here to submit a Testimonial.

Your testimonial and website link will be added to our Testimonial page. 

Thanks so much! 

Brenda :)

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