Steps to Launching a Product or Class

When you launch a product, you have to go about it in a very methodical and organized manner. There are many pieces to the puzzle, and skipping any can jeopardize your launch’s success.

Let’s assume you have your idea and product already. You should begin your launch a minimum of 6 weeks out. This is the bare-minimum that is required, not hosting preview calls or utilizing affiliates. That will be another post.

These steps are not necessarily in the order you need to take them, as many can and should be done simultaneously. But, you do need to make sure you have taken each of the steps.

  1. If you have an Info product such as e-book or manual, have it professionally formatted. If it’s a call series, determine your class dates.
  2. Determine your pricing for payment in full and payment plans.
  3. Write copy for sales page.
  4. Collect testimonials if you don’t have them already.
  5. Get graphics created for your sales page and product. If you don’t know of a graphic designer, you can use one of the bidding companies such as Crowdspring or 99 Designs, and get your graphics created fairly inexpensively and quickly
  6. Create autoresponder list in shopping cart to collect buyers’ names and to send them their download or call-in info. Add an autoresponder message to be generated immediately upon purchase.
  7. Add your product to your shopping cart. Your service, or class, is a product. Make sure you connect this product to the autoresponder list you just created and indicate your thank you page url.
  8. Depending on your shopping cart, if you are offering a payment plan option, you will need to create this as a separate product.
  9. Purchase new domain if you are using a new one.
  10. Create sales page with payment buttons.
  11. Create thank you page that people will be taken to after purchase.
  12. Test the buying process. Never skip this step! Check that after payment, you get directed to the thank you page, that you receive the autoresponder and that the payment actually went through and was posted.
  13. Review your sales page one last time with an eagle eye. You’ll be surprised at typos you missed after spending hours looking at it. Or, ask someone else to review it for you with fresh eyes.
  14. Now that the technical stuff is done, it’s time to market your product! Send email blasts to your lists. Post to social media with your sales page link. etc.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if we can help you with any of these tasks! :)

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