Start 2012 by cleaning up your App permissions to FB, Twitter, etc…

Can you remember all the times when you’ve been logged into Facebook and someone sends a Birthday request or We’re Related request? Or, when your on another site and it asks you to login to Facebook?

When you click “Allow” to connect, you are granting all those apps or sites permission to access certain aspects of your information.

With so much hacking, malware and privacy issues taking place, it’s a good idea to clean up those permissions and remove the ones you don’t really need, want or have no idea what they are.

The below link contains links to each platofrm that you may have at some point granted access to a 3rd party. Definitely do Facebook and Twitter, and then move to the rest if you have time. You do have to go through each account one by one, but I just cleaned up Facebook and Twitter and  it took me about 7 minutes. I also checked Linked In and Yahoo, just to be safe.

Here’s the link:


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