Skype- the Good & Yuk of it

So, today I had a Skype video call with a client and it was awesome. My client and I have been working together for a year, but have only talked on the phone- no face-to-face meetings. We finally scheduled a Skype call and it was the coolest to be able to have video- and SEE whom I was talking to. It was so nice to put life and personality to the name, face and voice. I loved it.

What a great tool to build relationships! I love it and highly recommend it.

HOWEVER- here’s the YUK to it. While I was waiting for my client to skype me, I received a Skype call from someone named “Big”…. I thought maybe it was my client calling from a different account (duh!), so I answered it, and…  there in live video was some guy in black pants sitting on a chair – doing something not rated pg-13 at all. I freaked out and hung up the call wondering what the H was going on. After I hung up, he called back incessantly, and I kept having to click “Decline” to get rid of him.  Next, I started getting skype instant messages from this weirdo- that were x rated … What a bummer! Such a great tool being so mis-used by this high tech perv.

SOLUTION TO DOWNSIDE: From this lovely experience, I found out that it’s super easy to block someone. When you see their name, just right- click and select “BLOCK”. Once you block, there’s also a very helpful option to “report abuse by this person”. So there, I zapped and reported the guy and shouldn’t hear from him again. You can also set Skype up to only allow calls from people that are in your contacts. This you need to do to prevent this from happening to you.

Bottom line, thumbs up to Skype but take precautions.


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