“SHIFT”: I love this book about branding YOU & YOUR BIZ.

I just bought a new book recently, “Shift: how to reinvent your business, your career and your personal brand” by Peter Arnell (“the man behind many of the world’s most reconizable brand”).

What I appreciated so much was the cross between personal branding and business branding, and he shares his personal experiences with both. Mr. Arnell completely rebranded himself personally by losing 256 pounds. Not a small feat, right? So, he has a few words of advice for those of us who wish to rebrand ourselves, or fine-tune our brand.

He also is the mastermind behind the whole Donna Karan and DKNY branding and is also behind the re-branding of companies like McDonalds and Peps.  I find it fascinating to be taken inside such a genius and creative mind.

He talks about how we need to consciously create our own personal brand, with intent… rather than let it happen by default as we do with so many things so often. Decide on your story. What you want to keep about it, and what you want to lose. It’s your story, right?

Many interesting concepts were raised… One is the merging of professional and personal lives and personas. No more keeping the two completely separate as we did “back in the day”. One person on the clock, and another person off the clock. With Facebook and the other social media tools, our two parts of ourselves have publicly beocome one. Interesting.

Rather than summarize the whole book, I’ll just recommend it to you so you can find out for yourself…. :)


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