My secret weapon this year for great looking Squeeze & Sales pages in WordPress

I’m so excited for some of the changes I’m implementing this year. I realized I need some tools that will help me streamline my business.

I do alot of squeeze and sales pages for my clients. To date, I’ve been creating them in html. They look beautiful but the two problems with that are 1. it takes me a long time to create them and 2. my clients can’t edit it.

There are plenty of times when my client would like to edit a date or something simple in the page but since they don’t have an html editor or ftp client, their hands are tied and they have to rely on me.

So this year, I have some new tools that I’ll be using. One of them is Optimize Press. This is a WordPress template that is built for landing pages and sales pages. It is basically a blueprint for both. Not only will they still look great, and optimized with all the bells and whistles, but my clients will be able to edit them. Plus, for me, it’s so much easier to work in WordPress, and faster so it will make my clients hours stretch further.

I’ll be recommending Optimize Press to my clients this year and will use it for my own landing pages and sales pages. If you’ve used it, please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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