What if you spilled a glass of water on your laptop?

I’ve posted about this before, but this is so important, I will re-post periodically.

Don’t forget to initiate a backup system for your computer or laptop.  Today, a friend spilled a glass of water on her laptop and her laptop is no more. She’s in the process of obtaining a replacement laptop via her warranty, which is headache enough. It would be so much worse for her if she did not have a backup system in place and lost all of her files. :(

Think of everything that could be lost on YOUR computer… all of your business and personal files, photos…

I’m a huge fan of an online backup system. Once you get it started, it works on its own in the background. It takes YOU out of the equation. If anything happens, you just login to restore your files to any computer.

The program I use is Backblaze. I just checked my backup status, and I am backed up as of an hour ago…. PHEW!!! And it all happened in the background with no effort on my part! Thank goodness I didn’t have to remember to do it or it very well would never happen.

Here’s the link: http://www.backblaze.com/

(Click here for my previous post with lots more details.)

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