QR Codes, explained

I’m finally ready to delve into the world of QR codes since they are everywhere.

QR codes are the little square, barcode looking symbols that you see everywhere, brochures, websites, even menus and movie posters. Each QR code contains three big squares that contain data. Regular barcodes generally hold only numeric data, but the QR code can hold much more, including info like webpages, images, videos, business cards, or contact info.

They are basically an easy way to share info quickly… QR stands for “Quick Response”.

For your website, you can create a QR code and anyone with a smartphone and a QR code app can scan (take a picture) of your code, and they will be directed to your webpage. No messing around with trying to type in the url.

This is great to put on business cards and have on printed materials. I am posting one on my site and it will direct people to my sign up form.

My QR codes below were generated from my email program, Mailchimp. I just had to save the .png image file that was generated and post. All of the code is contained within the image.

If you have a WordPress site, there are several plugins that you can install to create qr codes for you. I’m trying out “Create QR Code” and will see how it works.

To use, you need to download an app for your Smartphone. For mine, I downloaded QR Droid. You can create QR codes from within the app as well. There are similar apps for the iphone. Then just open the app and take a picture of the code.

Here are my codes, in two sizes.

small QR code for My VA rocksqr code for virtual assistant services








Try scanning one of them into your Smartphone.

Also, here’s a free tool to generate your own QR code. Be sure to look at the tabs to see the options of which type of code to generate.


Have fun! :)

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