Useful Paypal Reports for your Business

For those of you who accept payments via Paypal, I wanted to alert you to some very useful reports that are available for download in your Paypal account:

Annual Summary

Monthly Sales Report (monthly or any date range)
Overview of your monthly sales or review daily details.

Monthly financial summary (monthly or any date range)
Monthly snapshot of your PayPal account activity. This report consolidates fees, payments, chargebacks, and refunds, detailing your account transactions from beginning to ending balance.

To access these reports:

  • login to your Paypal account
  • from the My Accounts tab, hover over the History tab
  • click on the Reports tab
  • select on desired report
  • choose the month or date range for the report
  • once it is displayed, you can download it by selecting your file type and clicking Download

You can download these reports in multiple file formats: pdf, xls, csv and tab.

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