PayAnywhere: Accept credit cards on your Smartphone

I introduced Square a few months ago, a mobile credit card reader. I saw it in action last month. I was at a Monday Night Football event and there was a jewelry vendor with a mobile swipe machine attached to her phone. It allowed her to accept credit card payments easily right then and there. It worked like a charm. People who came to the event did not know she would be there so may not have had cash on them. I’m sure the ability to accept credit cards exponentially increased her sales that night.

Here’s another similar tool, PayAnywhere, that works for iPhone, Android and the iPad. They send you a free reader, you download the free app to your phone. You get charged transaction fees when you swipe orders, but there are no monthly fees or monthly minimums.

There are so many potential uses for this for my clients:

  • Meeting with a potential client and they decide to sign up with you
  • At a networking event and someone is ready to work with you or buy your product
  • You’re a Speaker and selling products or services at the event
  • At a trade show or anywhere you are a vendor with a table or booth
  • Selling your items (clothing, jewelry, cookies, crafts, etc)  at a one-time boutique or in-home party
  • Accept payments for walk-in registrations at events

I’ve been at events where we’ve tried to sell products. We took client’s credit card info on a hard copy Order Form, gave away the product and basically hoped the credit card would go through. If not, there was a lot of legwork as we contacted the client, tried to determine why it didn’t go through and re-run the order. That was a pain, and was costly!

I have a mobile hairdresser and I’m going to recommend this to her. Although she would rather take cash, she could upsell better being able to accept credit cards.

You do need to apply for their merchant account, and I’m not sure what that entails.

I haven’t used it myself so if you have, please post a comment. :)

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