Getting paid for your webinars with Anymeeting

Most of my clients offer telecalls, teleclasses or webinars or video classes. Some free, some paid.

Another revenue source is to record a webinar as a paid product. Of course you can offer the class live, and attendees can purchase a ticket to participate in the live webinar. But, you can also record the webinar and offer it as a passive revenue product on your website. You could offer a free webinar as as intro to a longer paid series. You can also set up a recurring series so people can pay for the entire series or per webinar. There are a lot of possiblities here.

Anymeeting offers a free video conferencing service and you can optionally collect Paypal payments during the registration process- all within Anymeeting. That way, everything is organized in one place and you don’t have to track in your shopping cart who has paid, who hasn’t, etc. When you set up the webinar you can designate different prices for attending live or the recording. You can also set different prices for different groups of customers, by setting up coupons. Once payment has been made, an email is automatically sent out to the registrant with instructions and how to login to the meeting.

After your webinar, you can follow up with attendees through Anymeeting, asking them for feedback, invite them to a future webinar, etc.

You can sign up or learn more here:

 PS. I’m not an affiliate, I just think it’s a cool tool that I’m going to try out and would benefit many of my clients.

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