How do you know when it’s time for a website redesign?

With your home, every so often you need to re-model or redecorate. For one reason or another, you've outgrown your surroundings and it no longer makes you happy or reflects who you are at this point in time. The same … Continue reading

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5 Tech Tools to Keep You Organized Next Tax Season

Now that tax season has passed, you might want to adopt some new tools that will help you get organized for next year. Here's 5 that are worth a look: 1. Shoeboxed: Track & Organize Your Receipts You can submit … Continue reading

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Romance and dating on the internet

The Top 3 Misconceptions About Websites

I wish!!! When I create websites, clients get really worried that people will happen upon their website while we're creating it, and will see it's under construction. Let me tell you, not to worry. That's a myth. People will never, … Continue reading

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Is your WordPress Website safe from hackers? Are you sure?

Two clients recently have had their Wordpress websites "hacked". One of the hacks was a virus that resulted in Viagra and other pharmaceutical tags layered all over the website. This is called the "pharma-hack". Another hack or virus, resulted in … Continue reading

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St Patrick's day is a day of celebration and tradition- parades, wearing green, getting pinched, drinking green beer. Whatever you choose to do, or not do, today, I hope your day is filled with cheer and luck! :) To add … Continue reading

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How to Start Your Own Internet Radio Show

I've seen many of my clients starting their own radio shows, and you may be wondering how you can too? It's really not complicated to get started. There are free resources that you can try out and see if it's … Continue reading

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My LinkedIn Pet Peeve

I get so annoyed when I try to Connect with someone on LinkedIn, and I get a response like: "Do I know you? I only connect with people I know personally". Really? Then, what are you doing on LinkedIn? To … Continue reading

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