Need an online scheduling program to book your sessions?

I have been using Tungle for my appointment scheduling, but I realized it’s missing some important features and functionality.

I’ve researched many alternatives and tested out several as well. I found TimeTrade to be a really good solution. It has great features and is affordable, only $49 a year with a free 30 day trial for the “Professional” version.

You set up an “Activity” such as “Free Consultation” or “Coaching Session. Then, you set up your appointment availability- the times where you will accept appointments. What sold me is that you can change your availability from week to week. Some of the competitive programs only allow you to set up one availability schedule that has to apply to every week. So you can set it up to be available certain time blocks on certain days.

Next, from within the program, you draft an email and send out your invites. The people you invite select their desired time and the software schedules it, puts in on the calendar and sends out reminders. It tracks who has not responded and you can send out second invites to just those people.

This is perfect if you need to schedule coaching sessions. You can link it to your Google calendar or Outlook if you’d like.

We can also help you set this up. :)


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