Need help with your 2015 Projects ?

successI love January. Everyone is ready to hit the ground running, and motivated to accomplish their 2015 goals. So am I!

And, I have some specials that will help you tackle your projects so you can meet your 2015 goals:



avadaIs your website looking tired, outdated or have you outgrown it? The quickest way to revitalize your brand is with a new website. I’ve found a new theme that I love because it’s super clean, modern, and flexible. Using this theme, Avada, I can create a fresh new site for you that reflects who you are in 2015.

I spend soooo much time, love and care on every website I do, to get it just right for you. My 2015 rate for a new website is $2500. But, to get you jump-started for the new year, for a limited time, the investment is 50% off, so now it’s only $1250. Small investment for a BIG impact on your business!

>>Don’t forget, you can always use PayPal’s Credit, to pay it off in 6 months. :)

Only $1250 (reg. $2500)




launch-dateWhat are you launching this year? A new coaching program, intensive or webinar? To have a successful launch, you must have a lot of tech pieces in place. The landing page to collect leads, an autoresponder to send your follow up sequences, a sales page to showcase your program, etc….

It’s a ton of work putting all of that together & requires a lot of your time. Ideally, your efforts should be in the creation of your program, not in the tech nuts and bolts.

We can set all this up for you. With this package, you get:

  • Optin/Landing page setup
  • Sales Page setup
  • 20 Virtual assistant hours to put towards setting up the rest

$750 (reg. price $1500)



(Don’t forget, you can always use PayPal’s Credit, to pay it off in 6 months. :) )


salespageTo sign up clients for your programs, you must have both a landing page and a sales page.

I’ll set it all up for you. Connect the optin box to your email program, create your product in shopping cart and add to sales page, connect to thank you page, etc. All the must haves.

$500 (reg. $750)



Do you just need a new optin/landing page to collect leads? My biggest mistake in my business was not setting this up soon enough. :( You should always have a landing page to collect leads, even if you don’t have a product to sell yet. Until then, nurture your prospects and build your credibility and relationship with them. Don’t wait on this.

This package includes the setup & formatting of your landing page, connecting to your email program and to the thank you page. Also includes setting up the follow up message people receive once they optin, containing your freebie.

$200 (reg $350)


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