REPOST: How to manage & keep your passwords safe

Since I’ve seen an increase in websites getting hacked, I wanted to repost this about passwords. These tools are useful resources to help you keep your passwords secure….

I recently came across a list of hacked email addresses. The list, which was published in a forum, detailed hundreds of email addresses, along with their passwords. This prompted me to research how to keep passwords secure.

A common practice is to use the same password for everything, but with small variations. For instance upper v. lower case, adding a zero to a number, etc. That is not very smart, a big N0-No, and leaves your security very much at risk. If the one password is cracked from your yahoo email address, for instance, then it’s very likely that the hacker will move on to the rest of your accounts.

The reason why most people do the one password thing is for ease of use. It’s too difficult to remember 8,000 different passwords with secure number-letter combinations. Fortunately, there are several programs out there that will generate secure passwords for you, and manage them for you so that you don’t have to remember each of them. 

Here are two that I came across with excellent reviews and have won many awards:

For Mac Users: 1 Password for Mac

1Password can create strong, unique passwords for you, remember them, and restore them, all directly in your web browser. It also syncs with your iPhone, iTouch, etc.

30 Day Free trial, then $49.99 to purchase.

For PC Users:Roboform

RoboForm automatically remembers your passwords, logs you
into websites, fills long web forms, and so much more!

Free trial, $9.95 first year

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