Do Macs get viruses?

There is a commonly held belief that Macs do not get viruses. That assumption was actually true in the days of old, but these days, I’m sad to say that it’s a myth. :(

Mac’s DO in fact get viruses and/or are susceptible to malware. There is little info out there about Mac viruses and there is also plenty of conflicting views and advice. The forums I scoured were several years old and I view anything over 6-9 months old irrelevant.

But, the reality is that as the number of Mac users have increased; the creators of viruses realized the Mac market was just too good to pass up. In fact, the Kentucky security guru I mentioned in a previous post told me that virus creators are more likely to create one for Macs…. Logic being that Macs are more expensive, thus Mac owners are more able and willing to throw down the big bucks to get rid of a virus. Most of the malware out there is about profit. :(

The sky is not falling, but please be aware that Macs are not 100% secure, even OSX, so please take the necessary steps to protect one of your most valued possession.

In another post, we’ll list anti-virus software for you.

Until then, be sure to read this post on what the #1 thing you can do to keep your computer secure.

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