Why I love GoDaddy

You may have noticed I recently put some ads on my site for GoDaddy. I’ve been an affiliate for a while, but have not  made any effort to promote them.

Here’s why I decided now to actively promote them… Recently, I was working on transferring a website from my server to my client’s server and was having a hell of a time. After a day or two, on the brink of losing my mind, I finally  placed a call into GoDaddy tech support.

Once again, their customer service and support exceeded my expectations. They saw the Restore I was trying to perform was going very slowly, so they offered to manually process it for me. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the security information that was required to give my permission, so the tech gave me his email address and asked me to email him when I had it. I obtained the info, emailed him, he called me back within minutes and they finished the restore for me.

This was such a lifesaver and after I had been pulling my hair out for days. Every single time I call them, they are always so helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. I’m one of those people that dread calling tech support. I roll my eyes as they walk through their script of the most basic responses. However, the people at GoDaddy always seem to actually know what they’re talking about. I love that!

I will recommend them to anyone and always recommend them to my website clients. They have the most superb customer service, in addition to being affordable and easy to work with.


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