How to replace “My Company Website” with your website name on your LinkedIn profile

When you create your LinkedIn profile, one of the fields you can add is your website url. However, in your profile, it will appear as “Company Website” instead of your website’s name or url. This isn’t very informative or compelling.

So, let’s change it so that website appears instead instead.

Login to LinkedIn and View your Profile. Look for Websites underneath the number of your connections. It probably says “company website”. Click Edit next to the link.

This will take you to the edit page. You’ll see a dropdown menu next to Websites. You probably selected “Business Website” when you set up your profile. Instead, select “Other”. This will open up a new field that allows you to choose which text you want to appear. You can either type in your business name or website url. The third field is the url that the text will link to.

Click Save Changes and now your profile looks much more personalized!

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