My LinkedIn Pet Peeve

I get so annoyed when I try to Connect with someone on LinkedIn, and I get a response like: “Do I know you? I only connect with people I know personally”.


Then, what are you doing on LinkedIn? To just hang out with people you already know?? It’s called Networking, people! So, if you went to a live event, would you really only talk to people you already know??? It’s about EXPANDING your network, and meeting people you otherwise would not. I think this is most critical on LinkedIn versus the other social media platforms, as its purpose is purely professional.

I’ve met so many cool, talented people that I had never heard of previously. People that can be resources for my clients, graphic designers that I can use, and even new clients. That’s what is so awesome about it.

Given, LinkedIn says you are only supposed to connect with people you have met. But, that’s really to just cover their a–es. Just like double optin requirements in iContact. It’s to protect themselves.

But, social media— facebook, twitter, linked in- is supposed to be about connecting and expanding your network.

So, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn- even if I don’t know you- and especially if I don’t know you!


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