How did Borders Books get left behind?

I was so sad to learn that Borders Books is closing their stores. I love the whole experience of leisurely browsing books and carefully selecting my purchase.

However, I have a Kindle now, so I actually buy most of my books from Amazon.  In a way, I feel bad that my new buying habits contributed to the end of the brick and mortar bookstore era.

Borders’s is an example of getting left behind. Times and technology have changed our buying patterns, not just in the way we purchase books. So, we can no longer assume that our customers shop the way they used to, nor will they be content with the way things have always been done. People adapt; and as a business, you must too, in order to survive, grow and thrive.

A critical piece to adapting your business with the times is to stay very current in technology. Make sure your online presence honors what your customers are looking for and want. One important way of doing that is keeping your website modern and current; not outdated. Use video; we are in a video-driven market. Make it easy for your customers to make their purchases online. Make it easy for people to schedule a consultation with you. If your customers are on Facebook and Twitter, be on Facebook and Twitter. Do Skype instead of teleconferences.

Find out what your customers want, where they are, and adapt your business accordingly. Or risk being a Borders and getting left behind.

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