iTunes Store Security warning…

Last week, I had the misfortune of someone hacking into my iTunes account. They made over three hundred dollars worth of purchases (on apps), which were charged to the credit card I had on file.  My bank flagged the purchases and a dispute/investigation is currently in progress. Meanwhile, the money is gone from my account until the matter is resolved.

So this doesn’t happen to you, please take a few security measures now. Although it may be an annoyance to take these precautionary measures, the reality is we live in an online world and, as with everything- with the good, comes the bad. Precautions are necessary.

  • Change your iTunes password to something other than your “regular” password. We all get in the habit, out of convenience, of using the same password over and over. Unfortunately, that’s really not secure. If someone uncovers that password, they will then have access to all of your accounts. Change your password to something unique and secure with caps, lower case and a symbol.
  • Remove your credit card or banking info stored. The fact is, if my credit card wasn’t stored in iTunes, this wouldn’t have happened.
  • Find out which accounts your credit card is connected to for auto payments or billing agreements, and remove the ones that aren’t absolutely necessary. When I called my bank, I was surprised that my credit card had billing agreements on file with eight different companies. This can occur when you purchase something, for example, from Amazon, and you store your payment information for future purchasing ease. Some accounts that were attached to my credit card I knew about, such as Go Daddy, and some that I didn’t, such as Stub Hub and Ticketmaster. The last time I bought tickets online, I must have stored my credit card. That means that if someone hacks into my Stub Hub account, they could make purchases within my account, which would in turn be charged to my credit card on file. Find out and remove any unnecessary billing agreements.
  • Purchase Password Management Software. Password Management software will generate and store secure passwords for you so you can be safe and secure without the headache of trying to remember multiple complicated passwords. Best of all, it keeps all of your information SECURE. Last Pass has a free option or super afordable $1 a month premium option, and works with Mac and PC. Also works for your iPhone, Blackberry or Adroid. It’s gotten tons of awards too, so it’s a step highly recommend taking: Check it out here:

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