How to Get Google Love in 2015

As you know, Google’s SEO formula is ever changing  and it may seem like you’re always chasing after it, but never catching up.. I always hear the never ending question, “How can i get my website to show up in google searches?”

Well, the answer is not so clear-cut, but don’t hate on google. As the number of websites multiplies and as the internet evolves, so must Google and how they choose how rank websites. There have been a lot of tricksters out there trying to fool Google, so google has to stay a step ahead.

Here’s what you can do this year to get some Google love:

  1. Put your Keyword in Title tags: Having keywords at the beginning of your website’s title (not domain) is super important. It’s beneficial to have it at the beginning of the title, not at the end. If you don’t do anything else, do this.
  2. Get brand “mentions” from other sites: Brand mentions are words on another website mentioning or referencing your business without the use of a hyperlink. Don’t ask me how google knows, but they do.
  3. Easy to navigate:  The easier your website is to navigate, the easier it is for a search engine to view and organize.
  4. Focus on user experience: user-friendly website and quality content should be high on your priority list this year.
  5. Optimize everything for the mobile experience: Google is placing importance on mobile usability, not just desktop. Poor mobile experience leads to high bounce rates, which google tracks. When you post a blog, view it on your smartphone before publishing.
  6. Domain expiration: Register your domain for multiple years to show google you’re not a fly by night operation.
  7. Make sure your website is Responsive: Meaning, automatically adjusts to user’s screens. It provides a better user experience & leads to lower bounce rates. (Your website should look different on your iphone than it does on your laptop). Hint: Google feels responsive websites provide the best user experience, and has started including a “mobile-friendly” notation next to websites in mobile search results.
  8. Encourage social sharing, especially Google+ and YouTube shares: Remember, google owns both. At least for now, as rumor has it that Google+ is dying.
  9. Add content to your Home page so Google knows there is quality content. For instance, have some of your blog posts on the home page. Not just a slider and a few sentences.
  10. Provide high quality content. Don’t let your website turn into one big sales pitch. Google knows if you’re writing great blog posts or if you’re just selling. Be sure you are consistently posting great info for your target market.

Bottom line:

Focus on the mobile experience & write good content for your readers. 

If your website isn’t optimized, maybe it needs a redesign. Send me an email. :)

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