How To Clean Up Your Inbox & 4 Other Useful Tools

5 Tools that will save you time & help you be more efficient

There are only 24 hours in a day and a million tasks to do! It’s a lovely thing when you find tools that make your life a little easier, or solve a problem that you’re having. It’s especially nice when these tools are free or low-cost.

Here are the 5 tools:

  1. Unroll.Me:   Clean up your inbox
    Unrollme is a web app that you connect to your email account. It goes through your archives and finds any subscriptions that you have subscribed to, and gives you the option to either unsubscribe from them, or roll them into one single email you receive daily.This is going to save you time and clean up that messy inbox. Oh, and it’s I wish I had found out about this earlier!!!
  2. Google Voice: Flexible voicemail service
    You’ll choose a number that you can designate as your business line or just an extra number to house voicemail. You can designate rules for calls rec’d to that number- any calls received can be forwarded to your cell, your landline., or both and you can set specific rules depending on the time of day or person calling. You’ll get text transcriptions of the voicemail as well. There are lots of features- it’s definitely worth checking out. It’s
  3. Echo-Sign: Get documents signed
    Do you have a contract for your clients to sign? Forget emailing, faxing or sending via snail mail. Echo-Sign simplifies & automates the entire process. Upload your contract designate the signature areas and the program will send it to your client, they sign and it gets sent back to you. It’s legal, secure and
  4. E-junkie: Dirt cheap shopping cart & affiliate tool
    Many of my clients don’t know about the e-junkie shopping cart. If you are tired of paying 1shoppingcart’s monthly fees, this could be an alternative. It’s bare-bones, but does the trick. You create products in the program and generate buy now buttons that you add to your site. You can sell digital downloads securely. There is also an affiliate component as well. Worth a look if you don’t need all the fancy feature. $5/month.
  5. Buffer App- Schedule all your social media posts
    BufferApp allows you to schedule Tweets, Facebook status updates, LinkedIn updates and more ahead of time. Schedule those posts and Tweets ahead of time, so as not to annoy your followers, but also to constantly keep in contact with them and provide value over time – almost like what you can do with an email auto-responder. $10/mo