What’s hot in WordPress right now, and why it matters

Today I wanted to share one of the hottest WordPress trends with you… “Responsive” themes.

As you know, there are many fantastic themes that customize, brand & pretty up your website. What makes a Responsive theme so cool is that the layout automatically adjusts to the browser & type of viewing device.

So, if you resize your browser, the website layout will auto adjust to fit the content in the window.

If you’re viewing the website on a mobile phone or tablet, the theme adjusts beautifully to the screen. The images adjust, the menu adjusts, the content adjusts.

This “responsiveness” is built into the theme so no need for any extra plugins or programs to accomplish this. And, it ends up looking very, very clean. You can view an example of a responsive site I’m creating right now: www.RotoRefs.com. When you resize your browser, you’ll see how the layout changes, but it doesn’t look funky like it does when using some other programs.

According to internetretailer.com, 111.2 million people browse websites using a mobile device. Having a website that is specifically designed to accomodate these viewers will ensure your site will load faster, will be easier to navigate & look better; resulting in lower bounce rates.

In an article from Mashable, a responsive design is one of the “7 Ways to Lower Your Website’s Bounce Rate”. Click here to read the Mashable article.

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