Highlights of the Facebook Changes Announced Today

As most Facebook users know, Facebook is always changing various features, for good or for bad.

Today, Facebook announced new Profile Controls that will be rolled out this week. I haven’t used them yet, but it appears we will have much more control over content now.

Here are the highlights:

  • You can now review tags BEFORE they get posted to your profile. You’ll need to turn this feature on and then you’ll be able to approve or reject photos or posts that people tag of you. Here’s how to turn on that feature.
  • Choose WHO you share with more easily. The Privacy controls have moved to the main page so it’s more clear.
  • You can now change who sees a post AFTER you’ve posted it. If you accidentally post it so everyone could see,  you can now change it after posting so that only a certain list can see.
  • The “VIEW PROFILE AS”… feature has moved to the top of your profile so that it’s easier for you to see what your profile looks like to someone else.
  • You can now REMOVE tags that other people have placed, or remove the item from your profile.
  • You can tag people that you aren’t friends with. You can approve or reject tags from non-friends.
  • You can tag Pages that you haven’t Liked.
  • They’ve gotten rid of the mobile Places check-in feature. Instead, you can tag Locations.
  • Control each post, as you share it, by selecting which list it is visible to.

Here’s more info if you want to know more: http://www.facebook.com/about/details/


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