Have you backed up your files lately?

If not , you need to! Seriously! I’ve had my computer crash on me in the past, and believe me, it’s not fun. Especially if you haven’t backed up your files in a while. Now that we use our computers for every day things such as Pictures, iTunes, etc., it’s even more of a loss if (god forbid), something happens to your hard drive. If you use your computer for work, it can mean professional disaster (& embarrassment) to lose business files and even worse… client files.

I can’t rely on myself to back up my files on a consistent basis, so I’ve started using a remote system to back up my files- Mozy It’s cheap and it does it painlessly behind the scenes. The first time is a little more painful because it needs to back up EVERYTHING (I had over 42,000 files!), but after that it only backs up files that have changed.

Why live with the pain of regret.  Click here to start.

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