Go To My PC… is pretty cool

You’ve probably heard ads for “GoToMyPC.com” but perhaps never investigated it further.

It’s actually a very cool product (and I love cool products!). There’s a couple of really sweet uses for it.

For my business: At times, I need to access files that are on a client’s computer. Not often, but if something is stored on a server or if I’m trying to resolve some computer issues, etc. The client just needs to download “gotomypc” onto their computer, I log into my gotomypc.com account, and voila!, i’m in! Very nice.

Multiple computers: Do you have multiple computers that you go back and forth between? For instance, one at work and one at home? Instead of constantly emailing files back and forth to yourself, just load gotomypc onto both computers and you can just login and access whichever files you need. Pretty handy.

People are so smart to develop such useful tools!

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