Using Facebook’s algorithm to your advantage

You’re spending time on Facebook, posting your updates as you should…

However, what’s happening to those posts? Are they appearing in your fans’ newsfeeds, or are they lost in the Facebook black hole, never to be seen, appreciated or liked?

You need to know that not every post is seen by you or by others. Facebook has a way to automatically determine what is seen or not seen in a user’s newsfeed. Facebook’s algorithm is called EdgeRank and it sorts the content based on “affinity, weight and relevancy (whatever that means). In one article I read, it stated that no more than 20% of a brand’s posts gets through the algorithm.

This is a good thing in that Facebook users are not spammed to death, but a business may need to rethink their FB strategy.

How can your post make the cut? Of course, there is no clear-cut guarantee but there are certain guidelines to follow that increase your chances.

If your posts are blatant or thinly veiled sales pitches… then you’re likely not making the cut. Those types of posts would not encourage interaction… and thus would not get ranked high enough to appear in the newsfeed.

First,  build and sustain a consistent presence on Facebook. Post consistently; maybe once or twice a day.  The trick is that your posts need to be engaging and people need to actually interact with it. That gives your post extra brownie points. So, post things that ARE interesting to your viewers, ask questions, urge responses… use a call to action… Be social and sociable.

Ask questions.

Use polls.

Invite responses, comments or opinions.

Post links.

Post photos.

Post videos.

If you want to see how your fanpage rates: here’s a tool for you:


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