Facebook Best Practice: Zappos

We all know that Zappos is famous for their customer service and great working environment. You may have read their book… Their goal is to WOW their customers, and they do.

If you’ve ever ordered shoes from them, you’ll likely agree with their reputation. I ordered shoes and received them the very next morning. They didn’t fit so I was able to return them cost-free, and received the correct size the very next day. It was a noticeably good experience. The other day, I heard about their Facebook practices so checked them out.

And yes, they are amazing on Facebook too. They do exactly what you’re supposed to… engage, interact, resist selling… Go on it, you’ll see….

Best Practice: Directly to respond to comments that customers post.

I was amazed at how many great comments they had on their fanpage from customers. It made me want to make a purchase, just based on the positive feedback.  For instance:

Their customers are seriously happy! And the Zappos team responds directly when someone posts a comment or pic. Zappos has clearly made a commitment to invest in their social media efforts and boy, is it building community and customer loyalty!

Best Practice: Ask questions.

It doesn’t even need to be relevant to a product as seen below. It just needs to engage the fans. The below question generated 247 comments!

Best Practice: Be Likeable.

Every post is positive or upbeat. Noone likes a grumpy person, or someone on the defensive. If someone posts about an order gone wrong, they respond with an apology and a “let’s make it right” attitude.

Best Practice: Have a Welcome tab that asks people to like the page. Offer something in return.

Best Practice: Offer Promotions.

Best Practice: Resist Selling

I read all of the posts, as far back as I could, and did not find one post that asked fans to buy their product. Nor was there a thinly veiled disguise of a post to buy their product. Not one that talked about how awesome their product is or their company…. Instead, they use Facebook as a vehicle to build community and trust with their fans. Period. I personally love and appreciate this.

Again, Zappos hits the nail on the head. Hopefully, it will give you some ideas on how to engage with your fans. :)

Here’s the link if you want to see for yourself:


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