How to embed your Facebook Fan Page onto your website

Common best practices are to have your social media icons, links and feed somewhere on your website. The only problem with that is that in many cases, if they click, they leave your site.

So, why not embed your content or Fan Page into your website?

There’s a ton of WordPress plugins, but it can honestly get confusing figuring out which one has exactly what you want.

If you go to the below link, you can generate code that you can add to your website and your Fan Page will appear whiere you want it, in a post or page. If you’re in WordPress:

  • Grab the “IFRAME” code. You can paste that easily into your site.
  • Make sure you paste the generated IFRAME code into the HTML editor.

People will need to login to Facebook to view the feed, but at least you’re keeping them on your site.

Go here to generate the code:


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