Easiest way ever to embed YouTube videos into WordPress

There are several ways to embed videos. The most well-known is by copying and pasting the embed code from YouTube. But, I’m always looking for a shortcut and  it’s a few extra steps to grab the embed code. This way, all you need is the url of the video.

  • In WordPress, install and activate the “Smart YouTube” plugin.
  • Go to Settings and select your desired appearance settings (size of video, color, etc.)
  • In your Page or Post, paste the YouTube url for the video you want to embed: 
    For example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jW2oWEDZCg0&hd=1
  • Now…. insert the letter “v” right after http within the url: httpv://www………
  • Voila! Your video is now embedded


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