Cool Tool: Transcription & Dictation Software

Have an audio file that you would love to get transcribed? If you record coaching sessions or tele-classes, it is a nice value add to add a transcript of those calls to your clients. Nuance has several products that can get this done for you, on a PC or Mac. I’m on a Mac, so this is the program I would use.

Another use that I’ve seen is for Free Report creation. Most of my clients have lots of audios to give away for free, but don’t want to sit down and write a free report. With the software, you can upload your audio file and it will be transcribed to text.

I think this is a great resource that can increase your offering and make life easier for you. Nuance’s Dragon Naturally speaking is dictation software that you’ll get addicted to, as well as software that allows you to create PDF fillable forms.

Click here to view some of the tools that can help your business.


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