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Steps to setting up your Affiliate Program

If you are working with affiliates (people who will promote your product or launch for you), here are the steps: Most people start out by reaching out to people they already know. Think quality rather than quantity, and work with … Continue reading

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Steps to Launching a Product or Class

When you launch a product, you have to go about it in a very methodical and organized manner. There are many pieces to the puzzle, and skipping any can jeopardize your launch's success. Let's assume you have your idea and … Continue reading

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How to add a Paypal button to your Quickbooks invoice

Here is one way you can integrate Paypal with Quickbooks. Add a Paypal button to your Quickbooks email invoices, so that customers can click on it and pay with Paypal. This requires a bit of setup, and you'll need to … Continue reading

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How to add Facebook comments to your WordPress site

A best practice for all websites and blogs is to allow for and encourage interaction. People aren't satisfied with one-sided conversations anymore. With the huge popularity and active use of social media, people want the opportunity to express their thoughts. … Continue reading

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Is Your Call to Action compelling enough? Read this.

A "call to action" is when you instruct your website visitor on what you want them to do next. It might be to subscribe to a newsletter, or to request more information, download a report, or to buy your product. … Continue reading

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10 Must-Haves For Every Sales Page

Compelling headline: Your headline must immediately grab your ideal client's attention or you will lose them forever. You can ask a provocative question or make an interesting statement about the problem they're looking to solve.  You have a few seconds … Continue reading

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How to embed Facebook videos onto your website…

If you have or like a video that was uploaded directly to Facebook, use the code below to post on your website. It works for Safari & Firefox. First, click on your video in Facebook to find the video url. … Continue reading

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