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How To Clean Up Your Inbox & 4 Other Useful Tools

There are only 24 hours in a day and a million tasks to do! It's a lovely thing when you find tools that make your life a little easier, or solve a problem that you're having. It's especially nice when … Continue reading

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5 Tech Tools to Keep You Organized Next Tax Season

Now that tax season has passed, you might want to adopt some new tools that will help you get organized for next year. Here's 5 that are worth a look: 1. Shoeboxed: Track & Organize Your Receipts You can submit … Continue reading

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Is your website loading slowly? CloudFlare can speed it up

A problem many Wordpress websites have is they are so overloaded with plugins and images thatt the website loads slowly. Or, particular pages load slowly. This is a problem in this impatient world of ours, because your website visitor- whom … Continue reading

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Getting paid for your webinars with Anymeeting

Most of my clients offer telecalls, teleclasses or webinars or video classes. Some free, some paid. Another revenue source is to record a webinar as a paid product. Of course you can offer the class live, and attendees can purchase … Continue reading

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My secret weapon this year for great looking Squeeze & Sales pages in WordPress

I'm so excited for some of the changes I'm implementing this year. I realized I need some tools that will help me streamline my business. I do alot of squeeze and sales pages for my clients. To date, I've been … Continue reading

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qr code for virtual assistant services

QR Codes, explained

I'm finally ready to delve into the world of QR codes since they are everywhere. QR codes are the little square, barcode looking symbols that you see everywhere, brochures, websites, even menus and movie posters. Each QR code contains three … Continue reading

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PayAnywhere: Accept credit cards on your Smartphone

I introduced Square a few months ago, a mobile credit card reader. I saw it in action last month. I was at a Monday Night Football event and there was a jewelry vendor with a mobile swipe machine attached to … Continue reading

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